Rusty Grove

Randy Pestel ( Bass Guitar and Vocals )

Randy Pestel’s musical influences started as a child, where his "Grandpa Joe", a well-traveled musician himself, not only taught him how to play, but to appreciate all styles of music as well. As a bassist, Randy played in garage bands through his high school years, before playing clubs in Tulsa, Oklahoma with the rock band "SoundProof". Years later with the equipment and the experience needed Randy formed his own private sound company "Feedback Production". Randy has provided sound systems and his front of house skills for many well know national acts. A decade later Randy realized he needed to get back to what he loved to do playing music. When Randy is not playing music with the Rusty Grove Band he can be found hunting or fishing in Oklahoma and Colorado.

Randy Ballard (Lead Guitar and Vocals)

From the age of 15 Randy has been playing guitar. A self-taught musician, he plays guitar, bass, and he jokingly adds he “owns drums and fiddles.” Among the varied styles he has experience in playing they include Country, Rock, R&B, Pop, Funk, Gospel, and Contemporary Christian. He’s played casinos, churches, clubs, concerts, and cruise ships. He’s performed on radio and television. A published author, Randy has written fiction, non-fiction, lyrics, and music. His “claims to fame” includes the humorous how-to book Startin’ A Band (Or All The Stuff No One Told Me) which is available on, and the song Faith You’re Walkin’ On as recorded by The Tulsans. For the future he intends to continue with his passion; making music. His overall goal is to make his living as a songwriter and author.

Band Members

Tim Williams ( Lead Guitar and Vocals )

Tim Williams is certainly no stranger to country music. He is a multi-talented singer, songwriter and performer who has consistently performed on a regional basis for more than a decade. He has opened shows for major recording artists like Joe Diffie, Johnny Paycheck, Charley McLain, Exile, John Anderson, Tim McGraw, McBride & The Ride, Colin Raye, and numerous others headliners. Tim was also the front man for the Tulsa based band Texas Traffic and the band Legal Limit. His songwriting skills have enabled one of his songs to climb all the way to an impressive to #57 on the National Indie Record Charts. Tim is also proud to be a member of the Cherokee Nation Tribe in Oklahoma. The new label Native American Records is extremely proud to feature Tim Williams as their debut artist.

Chris Cobb ( Drums and Percussion)


Chris Cobb began playing music at the young age of seven first with piano lessons then later with drums. Chris played in several rock bands during his high school years. After graduation Chris earned a spot in a major touring band and traveled all over the United States for several years. After taking a few years off from the road Chris auditioned for the Rusty Grove Band. He was hired immediatly and has become a great asset to the band. Chris plays for the feeling of the music at all times, supporting everyone in the band. he never shows off his chops unless it's what the music needs. Chris keeps the ego in check and realizes that he is a vehicle for the music. Drums and music are his passion and they always will be a major part of his life. He loves the great outdoors and OU football. 


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